The story of


Where did CrowdPiper come from?

CrowdPiper is the mind-child of Crowdsourcing experts - HeroX. HeroX started out as a spinoff of the XPrize Foundation, and has the goal to become the social network and universal catalogue for everything crowdsourcing. With years of experience working in the crowdsourcing arena, the HeroX team developed a tremendous amount of expertise and best practices on how to crowdsource successfully. CrowdPiper was created specifically to share this knowledge and train clients in the topics of best practices, techniques, and methods for successful crowdsourcing projects.

Our goal with CrowdPiper is to make crowdsourcing approachable for every organization. Whether this means learning how to crowdsource internally to develop strong open innovation capabilities, or if you’re simply looking for a partner to make crowdsourcing a turnkey experience. 

The Social Network for Innovation

HeroX connects everyday problem solvers to bring innovative thinking to the world.

Our Mission

To enable organizations to leverage the power of the crowd through open innovation.

The CrowdPiper

We will bring the best in crowdsourcing to our clients. We provide our clients with the best strategy by helping them put out the right message, create the right rules, terms and conditions for the challenge, and get their challenge in front of the right crowd that will produce the right results.

Open ecosystems are at our core.

There is a massive amount of talent in the cloud. CrowdPiper understands the potential of crowdsourcing and strives to empower as many organizations as possible to tap into it. Collaboration amongst strangers is the fundamental nature of a free market, and crowdsourcing is the key to unlocking all that potential.


We believe that innovation can come from anywhere. If you’re looking for a specific break-through, there’s someone out there who’s got it. You don’t have to hire them full-time, recruit them, put them on a career projection tract. You just need to bend their ear, get their curiosity. Crowdsourcing is complimentary with hiring staff members who are really there to represent your company long-term.


CrowdPiper was built on the belief that “open wins.” Open ecosystems win. When your business is open, it allows more collaboration. You will out-compete and win against your competitors who are closed.