We specialize in integrating open innovation into an organization’s internal innovation efforts.

Over the many years we have been operating in the crowdsourcing world, we have watched organizations succeed with internal innovation in some areas but struggle in others. With this, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what innovation is and how organizations can set themselves up for success to use it. 

Design allows you to combine the skills of your team with skills outside the company. We show you how to access hundreds of design ideas quickly and then build in feedback loops so the crowd helps you identify the best one. 


You can then focus on refining and commercializing those designs.


A fundamental element of a successful crowdsourcing project is getting it seen by the right eyes. We know how to get those eyes looking your way.

We draw on years of experience working with a diverse group of organizations - everything from industrial supplies companies to non-profits - to find and build the most suited audience that will get you the best possible outcomes.

Crowdsourcing is essentially gamifying a problem. One is taking a question and framing it in a way that incentivizes the crowd to find a solution.

We teach people and organizations how to design a model that can gamify anything!


We acknowledge that every organization is different and will be starting from a different point. We customize our approach to train our clients regularly, however, we do have two valuable tools that are always present. ​


These are our Crowdsourcing-101 Workshops and our flagship Challenge Creation Workshops.

Open innovation is at our core

CrowdPiper is dedicated to supporting organizations in implementing a key innovation strategy - Crowdsourcing. Our team of specialists bring with them invaluable expertise on crowdsourcing best practices and help facilitate the best possible interactions between clients and solvers. 

Organizations come to us with the knowledge-work they with to seek, and we work with them to create an open call, add incentives and design constraints. Contributors from the crowd then self select their participation, drawing motivation not only from the rewards offered but from the joy of a creative task and the recognition they receive.